I recently asked for information on how to recompile the linux kernel, and of course everything went well.
But now I'd like to optimize my kernel even more
It's Linux 2.4.18

My question is basically .. what options can I uncheck/check before I compile my kernel? Things like SMP (symmetric multi-processing) is of course not needed .. etc.

PCMCIA .. (I'll need this? I believe it's a PCMCIA-slot on the side of my laptop)
Parallell support ... (I know I wont use any printers or the like so it's safe to turn this of right ?)
Plug&Play ... (I wont use any ISA-cards.. safe to uncheck?)
MultiDevice support ... (RAID etc.. pretty sure I wont need this?)
Telephony support.. (ehm no?)
SCSI-support ... (because my comp is using PCI right ?)
OLD CDROM drivers ... (am I using IDE? When I boot it says ...ATAPI CDROM: NEC CDROM drive etc...)

And a few more questions:

Do PCMCIA NICs use the drivers in
Network device sup. --> Ethernet (10/100 MBit) --> ?

Anything else you'd like to add ? Suggestions tips, anything would be highly appreciated!


CPU: Celeron (Coppermine) 566 MHz
Mem: 64 MB
Graphics: Trident Cyberblade i1 AGP(77) (2 MB)
Hard drive: 5GB
I have ReiserFS on my partitions..