I just installed Mandrake Linux 9.1 on my notebook, which already have Windows XP Pro in it. I am new to Linux but everything went fine and I was able to boot into either of the OS (XP or Linux) through the Linux Boot Loader (after reading various articles here and there, now I know it is called Lilo). There were some error messages, though, when booting into Linux but it got in - sometimes require reboot. But I thought I will learn to fix them.
So, exploring the new OS. I tried to make the Windows default in Lilo, rather than Linux (I thought that's simple enough). When I did that, a message telling that the boot loader config file was NOT ok and asked to PROBE it before applying the change. So, I PROBE it (not knowing what it does). It changes the list of OS in Lilo from (Linux, Linux-fsb (if I remember correctly), failsafe, Windows, floppy) to (NT, map, 2-... (some numbers), hda1). I thought that's ok, assuming map is the Linux and NT is the XP. I then make NT the default and apply the change. Reboot ... when the sad story started ... Lilo has NT, map, 2-..., hda1 on its list. NT allows me to boot into XP without problem. But non of the others allow me to boot into Linux or elsewhere ... just hang. So, now my Linux is hiding in my computer ... unreachable to me. How can I get it back? Am I in big trouble? Please help.
Thank you very much.