To all,

I'm currently having some problem to use with Net use LPT1 \\xxxxxxxx to make a connection from windows to ubuntu attached with Panasonic

Dot Matrix printers.I knowed it would be problem to allows windows's user to make a Net use LPT1 connection tom ubuntu linux because linux totally

no handled with Dos command supported and it is supported under CUPS server's software.

Any job Fox PRO 2.6 is required directly printout to Panasonic Dot Matrix printer that y we had not encountered any problem by using Net Use

LPT1 command because before we use printer which has already attached to windows OS computer. But we are using CUPs handling under ubuntu,

there is no way to use any prnfile , smb printer because it must required making Net Use LPT1 connection to target's printer which has no longer

at under Ubuntu Linux platform.

I'm currently using Ubuntu ver10.10 which has attached with Panasonic Dot Matrix printer.



Appreciate thankful to anyone can give me any handful of help.