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    Where shold httpd.conf be located


    Where is httpd.conf file supposed to be? According to some resources:
    The httpd.conf file can be located on any UNIX-based system that complies with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard under the following path: /etc/httpd/httpd.conf.
    But on my machines it is in etc/

    And some of my machines there is back up version as well and some machines don't.
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    Each distro will manage config files in their own way. There is no global standard, aside from possibly "somewhere in /etc". You need to seek out resources related to your specific distro to learn how it handles such things.

    Ubuntu for example doesn't even have a httpd.conf. Instead in has a number of files stored in /etc/apache2 (and subdirs) which together make up the server configuration.
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    Possibly '/usr/local/apache2/conf' - depending on the distro, and how apache was installed.

    Can also be under '/opt/IBM/HTTPServer/conf' if you're using IBM's (*awful!) version of Apache . . . . .

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