This weekend I was setting up a fileserver for a client, originally intended to be RH 7.2 to make it easy to get ext3. Problem is that even after several instalation attempts, I kept get insmod errors, segment faults, and cyrptic kernel errors. Sometimes it would happen immediately at boot, other times at initializing eth0, others at login.

I ended up doing a nearly identical configuration on 7.1 (minus the ext3 of course) and everything worked fine.

Has anyone ever experienced anything similiar or have any idea what might have caused it?

Oh, and specs on the box:
Motherboard: FIC AZ11EA (VIA Apollo KT133)
CPU: 1 Ghz Duron
Vid Card: SiS 6326 Chipset
NIC: Encore 10/100
And, yes, I did run it through the HCL and Eratta.