I have just setup a new server using Suse Linux, apache and squid. I need
squid to be running as a proxy server. Everything is working okay on the server,
but I need to set the access.log file for a different output. From time to time I
need to check the proxy access.log file. The file keeps records of the sites
visited by ip address and I need to set the squid.conf file so that it will keep
track of the URL instead. Also when squid rotates the access.log file it changes
the permissions. The way that i look at the access.log file is in a web browser
and when the permissions are set wrong then I cannot view the file until I reset
the permissions which takes a little time.
Can anyone tell me the TAG to use in the squid.conf file to change ip address to
a URL and how to keep the permissions correct when the log file is rotated?