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    Redhat and Networks and Internet access


    I'm trying to set up a machine in my office to use as a test box before uploading pages to web servers in london, however I'm not sure what I'm doing and can't find any help in the manuals etc.

    Stupid newby question first: Where in RedHat 7.2 is the equivelant of window's "My Network Places"? I can't work out if the network settings are correct until i can tell if I can see our network.

    Secondly: I want to connect the machine to the internet (to download latest versions of php & mysql) but the only options are for connecting via some sort of line (modem isdn xdsl). Is there no way to connect using the Lan connection? I dont have a spare phone socket in my office and it seems silly not to use the 128k leased line thats sitting doing nothing while I play with this box.

    Would be most grateful if someone could point me in the right direction

    Thanks a lot
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    Ummm... not to be rude here, just asking: Do you have any command line experience at all?

    There really isn't any equivalent of the Network Neighborhood, or 'My Network Places' in the OS itself, though there are a few apps out there that try to emulate the look-n-feel. Problem is, setting them up sounds like a *long* ways from where you are at right now.

    Did you set up any kind of networking when you did the installation? Hint, Hint!!

    If not, it probably isn't already set up for you.

    If you have a boxed set, I'd *highly* recommend reading the enclosed documentation.

    If you didn't buy a boxed set, you might be lucky and have a copy of the documentation in electronic form in a package on the installation media.

    In any event, you would probably also be well served to head over to www.redhat.com, and join the redhat mailing list. All sorts of friendly people that can help w/ most any Red Hat issue, including some of their support staff when they get time between calls.

    If all else fails, or you have more questions on the above, drop me an email at milanuk@yahoo.com, and I'll see if I can get you rolling.


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