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    Talking Looking for Linux software

    Hiya guys,

    I'm looking for a complete software solution for a Redhat 7 (Guiness) box. We're quite happy to pay for it and the only constraint is that it must have a linux-newby proof interface!!

    Looking for it to include:-

    * Internal email
    * External email
    * Proxy control for web access
    * Faxing
    * User list maintenence

    We need features like mail filtering, restiction of external email access by user, by address, etc, virus protection on incoming mails
    We want to be able for example say all users have no incoming or outgoing email access except this user to this address only, with directors having full email access. We need the same sort of controls for web access.

    Does anyone know of a product that they would recommend?

    Thanks a lot
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    Hey Mitchell,

    All those you have mentioned are availible many times over in Linux. Actaully, you probably have all those installed already on your rh7 box. For Email as a server you have various options Sendmail, Qmail, and SUSE eMail Server to name a few. For proxy server the most popular is one called Squid. All these apps can be found via Freshmeat.net if you do not have them installed or want the latest versions. Or are you talking about ONE solution that has all these functions? If so I do not know of any, of hand the closest I can think of as a very easy to use email server would probably be SUSE's eMail. But I'm not the end all resource, there might be something in RH or another product that would act as an interface, or front-end, to all these solutions. I am sure some more knowledgeable people will respond. I would also suggest calling Redhat, I'm sure they would be more than happy to help as much as they can. Well I hope this at least steers you in the right direction, good luck.

    - Also, maybe you also should look into hiring a full-time Linux Hacker? Nothing beats having a real expert around, and not all are outrageously highpriced; and the value far exceeds the cost.

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