Good morning everyone! In this post I am going to show you the basic steps for a clean installation of cPanel/WHM in the most simplified steps. What I will mention below is applicable to any VPS or dedicated server that runs CentOS 4.x/5.x, has minimum 512mb Ram and more than 4GB hard disk available. cPanel is, indeed, a powerful platform, but demanding as well in terms of resources.

The first thing you need to do is login as root and then disable SELinux. Just type /etc/selinux/config and make sure the following values exist in the file:


Lets begin…

cd /home | wget -N

The above command will download the installer in your home directory. Now lets run the installer:

sh latest

The Step 2 will initiate the installation process which takes approximately 2 hours, depending on your server’s speed. Once it finishes, you need to active your cPanel/WHM application:


…and you are done! cPanel/WHM use the port 2086, so to access it just go to http://your-server-ip:2086/

I hope this was helpful to everyone who attempted for the first time to install cPanel/WHM.