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    Install free hosting panel to centOS

    Hello all,

    A few days ago I found this amazing Cpanel ( http://vhcs.net/index.html ) with which I can host my own websites on the VPS I ordered a while back.

    However, as this is not default with my host I need to install this myself and I have no clue where to begin. Sure I've used google, but most hits just redirect me to old versions of either the cpanel or CentOS.

    Now what I am asking is whether there is a guide out there and if I should even be bothered to try and install this baby. I have to admit, it's a really good free control panel and this beats forking up 70 euros for Direct Admin.
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    I've had previous experience with this control panel. Although I have not used it lately or installed it recently. I do believe they have documentation on their website and a handy shell script to perform the install. I was on a Debian machine when I used it last, and the installer installed many DEB packages. You will need to find an installer script especially for CentOS, as the control panel will need to install many server applications and configure them to work with the control panel itself.

    Also note, it is best to start with a clean install of Linux before installing any control panel. Control Panel software will attempt to install the packages it needs manually and configure them. If these packages are already custom configured by you, the control panel may not work as intended by the original developer.

    Some control panels can be installed at any time, such as webmin. Webmin reads the current config file and does not use a database backend to store extra information, Perl is great at parsing text files, such as server config files.

    Read through the documentation on VHCS, I'm sure they have an installer script available for you.
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    OK, so what installation information is available in the download packages? That's all you need to know.

    There's two options here...

    Option 1: There is installation instructions:
    Then you've got installation instructions, and you should stop complaining!

    Option 2:
    There's no installation instructions:
    well, if they can't tell you how to use the software, how could you even think that they'd be able to give any sort of support??? You'd be crazy to use it, and you'd be better off going to another system that actually WORKS.

    It doesn't get any more simple then that.

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