I've installed a Linux Thin Server lab using EdUbuntu 12.04 and I want to use that same cabling to enable any non-PXE units to access the internet. Currently, only registered users running the Linux kernel from the server can. Enabling this would let PCs be used for some tasks without having to use the server resources.

There is a file in the server's etc/ltsp/dhcp folder (I believe) where the ltsp server bridges with the clients and DHCP server (dhcp.config I believe is the name of the file).

It has a conditional statement that, in pseudo code, says "if this client is requesting via PXE give it the boot image else give it the nbi. image".

I am wondering if I could give the non PXE clients access to the web from there, after the "else" condition. I am thinking I would like to put in a password protected nic card (on it's own static ip) just for the non-pxe clients so that when that condition trips, then the client is sent to this password protected nic card and then on to the Internet. The PXE clients would still be using the LTSP, DHCP and a different nic to get to the internet.

I would think it would be some simple code to put in the else to send it to that nic either by ip or mac address but I don't have a clue how to write it or where to find it.

Thanks in advance.