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    Simple bash script not working

    In the following script I'm trying to have an automated task to move all the screen shots I have taken with the "Prt Scr" button from ~/Pictures to ~/Pictures/ScreenShots
    Any ideas why it's not working. I did it at first with the mv command but was told by my instructor do it with a for loop because of globbing issues.

    # This is a script to home keep my $HOME/Pictures directory from keeting clutered up
    # with screenshots by moving them into their own directory.
    ls ~/Pictures/Screenshots\ from*.png > /dev/null 2> /dev/null
    if [ ${EXITSTATUS} == 0 ]
        for ${i} in $( ls ~/Pictures/Screenshot\ from*.png )
                mv ${i} /home/garrett/Pictures/ScreenShots/
    #mv /home/garrett/Pictures/Screenshot\ from*.png /home/garrett/Pictures/ScreenShots/
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    Ahh, the delights of spaces in file names; they always add to the fun!
    Wht do the ls twice, once to see if there's any files to process, then once to move them? If there's none there the ls to process them will not actually do anything.
    You mix the use of ~ and the actual hard-coded directory name /home/garrett which means that if someone else should run the script it will move their files into your sub-directory.

    Do you get any error messages that suggest why it's not working?
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