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    How to check which users have access to root and su command

    Hi All

    Is their a way by which i can know all the users who have access to su and root command ?

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    The actual location may vary depending on version (generally it will be /etc/sudoers) but you will want to check the contents of the sudoers file. Some implementations provide an editor (can't remember the command - I think its is visuodo, but it adds a syntax check on top of vi for you) but a man sudoers will give you the info you need to track it down.
    Once you have found the file you can examine it and find out who can do what - cross-referncing the data with the man page for sudoers to see what is what.

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    Depends on whether you mean 'su' or 'sudo'. If it's the latter, then when Simon says above looking at 'sudoers' will tell you what you need to know. If you don't have any aliases defined, then look for lines that have something like
    aitken325i    ALL=(ALL)       ALL
    As that line says that I have access to all run any commands as the root user using 'sudo'.

    However, if it's 'su', then you're looking at anyone who knows the root password. Looking through '/var/log/secure' will tell you who has become the root user and when using the 'su' command.
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    cat /etc/group

    and look for the sudo group

    But firstly You should follow aitken and Simon responses bcoz these are the experienced person here ...

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