good day dear Experts,

i ve generated keys with KGpg - on opensuse 12.3

I'm planning to use the generated keys on a second machine
also opensuse with KGpg.

So I figure how to transfer the keys to my other computer.
And if so how do I go about transferring the keys?

Both keys - the public and the private are in such a formate:

PHP Code:
VersionGnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux)


and so on
and here we have the private key:

PHP Code:
VersionGnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux)

fff333mmmmbbggttmQENBFLTAvIBCADuDg3k7uy0RbOEkxcnBGUs1yNVoUqV9UhcL+YwGIj6KgNChTwFNe8HrJWhnCdhJp1fKprMClB0BpYIs0p3K/HVK+yYNeHERO0e 9QKglNMRQtMEcOx5 

and so on.

is this correct!? Do the keys look like that.

Question: is this an PGP-Key that is encrypted with ASCII armor

How do i trnasfer the keys to the second machine -

note i work with KGpg?

Should i copy the keys in the abovem entioned formate and then do a import!?

Is this correct!?

How to go about transfering the keys?

love to hear from you