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    Trying a set up a Cron job on GoDaddy

    I'm trying to get a Cron job set up on GoDaddy but it doesn't seem to want to run!

    So far the GoDaddy help people have been pretty useless. The first time I emailed them for help, they sent me a copy of a standard help page that told me where the cron job setup page was. This despite the fact that I'd attached a screenshot of that very page to my original enquiry. When I emailed them back, they replied that they could't help with coding issues! All that I wanted was the proper syntax to use when setting up a cron job.


    ...my cron job is set up in:

    What command do I need to enter in the command box of the cron setup page? I'm running Linux shared hosting? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The inability to set up cron jobs is holding back a number of projects I'd like to work on right now.


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    Assuming that this interface conforms to the standards of cron, then you'll want 6 things, in order from left to right:
    Day of month
    Day of week
    Command to run

    So to run your command at 25 minutes past 10 in the evening every Monday:

    25 22 * * 1 /home/miktor/scripts/cron_test.php
    If that is pure php you'll want to 'submit' it to the php interpreter, so something like:
    /usr/bin/php /home/miktor/scripts/cron_test.php
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    Also remember the command may need the full path to PHP before the file name, the path seems to be /web/cgi-bin/php5_3, but you'll have to check yourself to be sure.

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