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    Linux Zip from php script doesn't complete

    We are working on a new backup script and have ran into an issue. We run a php script to ssh into a remote server, zip a folder and download it. The problem we're having is the zip doesn't always complete with all folders. We can watch it zip the folders and its contents, and we can see the temp zip file in the target location, but then when the zip command is finished compressing the files, the temp files stays and the zip is not created. This problem seems sporadic. Some folders compress fine, some don't. Furthermore, if we manually try to zip the folders that give us issues, they will zip fine, this is only a problem when we run it from our script.
    Here is a part of our script.

    PHP Code:
    echo "---- .... ZIP Creation - ".$cleanHost." .... ----\r\n";
    "---- .... ".$homeDir." .... ----\r\n";
    "zip -r ".$cleanHost.".zip /".$homeDir."\r\n";

    $output $ssh->exec('zip -r '.$cleanHost.'.zip /'.$homeDir);
    Please and thanks.
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    If your script is being run through a webserver and the zipping process takes a long time to complete then it may be getting killed due to a timeout. For example, if you are using Apache with mod_fcgid to run your PHP scripts then either of FcgidIdleTimeout or FcgidIOTimeout could be killing it. If using mod_fastcgi, then the -idle-timeout option may also be a culprit.

    A problem with the SSH connection could also cause the zip process to terminate early. Check for timeouts there and network stability.

    Check PHP's timeout settings.
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