My basic setup is as follows:

I've got an external mail gateway at a hosting center with maverick server, apache james, clamAV, cleanmail, and spamassasin. That box needs to filter, collect and cue up my emails in case my local gateway is down. If everything is working correctly, the email gets pulled to my local gateway, which is only running maverick server, httpd, and james. This box is intended to dole out the emails to the appropriate instance on the cloud and cue up email if an instance is down. Finally, I have james running on each instance in order to receive emails for that particular group.

Whew! Ok, so I have POP and IMAP coming in, fetchmail is working well, but still can't send out. I've looked at the smtpserver.xml file and added my IPs to the <authorizedAddresses>. I also read somewhere that I needed to add them to the mailetcontainer.xml under <RemoteAddrNotInNetwork> to keep it from bouncing back locally?

The error I'm recieving when I send out from Zimbra desktop client is "Invalid Addresses", while when testing SMTP via telnet I get "250 2.6.0 Message received". I know the address I'm sending it to is valid and dns is resolving just fine, but ultimately it isn't getting to where it should go.

Anybody have any ideas where I can look from here?