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    Pls help Remote_host_said:_421_Message Qmail

    Hi qmail Guru's,,

    I have qmail server running good so far.

    Today morning i could see qmail queue - 1600+ mail's and its trting to send it very slow.

    and in Tail /var/log/qmail/send/current i could see

    @4000000045dd804e27d6bcf4 delivery 23675: deferral: Connected_to_66.196.97.250_but_greeting_failed./Remote_host_said:_421_Message_from_(<My-IP>)_temporarily_deferred_-_4.16.50._Please_refer_to_http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/mail/defer/defer-06.html/
    @4000000045dd804e27d6ebd4 status: local 8/10 remote 59/60
    @4000000045dd804e27d6ff5c starting delivery 23677: msg 87767 to remote ladeesosa@aol.com
    @4000000045dd804e27d712e4 status: local 8/10 remote 60/60
    @4000000045dd804e36492dbc delivery 23657: deferral:
    @4000000045dd804e364958b4 status: local 8/10 remote 59/60
    @4000000045dd804e376d56b4 starting delivery 23678: msg 82609 to remote blueonepbs@aol.com
    @4000000045dd804e376d75f4 status: local 8/10 remote 60/60
    @4000000045dd804f050d6f24 delivery 23676: deferral: Connected_to_68.142.202.247_but_greeting_failed./Remote_host_said:_421_Message_from_(My- IP)_temporarily_deferred_-_4.16.50._Please_refer_to_http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/mail/defer/defer-06.html/

    Pls suggets me

    How do i increase the remote mail delivery performance?

    Thanks in advance

    Best Regards
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    First of all, did you have a look at the link to Yahoo? This is fairly normal with Yahoo; I run a 36 server datacenter and this happened quite a bit on our Exchange Servers. Yahoo's server could just be busy or if there was any minor problem in the sending of the email(s), yahoo will defer them...BUT eventually the email is delivered sucessfully.

    1) First of all, take a look at the link Yahoo provided you :HERE
    2) Make sure you have a valid SPF text record in your external DNS. (Yahoo's anti-spam is VERY tight). If you are hosting other email services, also make sure theit SPF records point back to your email server. SPF info is HERE
    3) Make sure the ISP who you derive your static IP from has a real reverse-DNS entry that points back to your SERVER'S HOSTNAME. Many ISP's use a generic entry that does not give any indication the email came from your server. MANY email services will push all your email to the JUNK folder or not deliver them at all if your email fails reverse-DNS look ups.

    Also, why you sending 1600+ emails...R U Spammin'? If you are...the above won't help you because you're probably bouncing emails off some poor chap who doesn't realize his server is an open relay...

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    Hi PWD [ is it present working directory ?],,

    Nice to hear that you have 36 server here i have only 3 Live production servers.

    no those are not spam mails i confirmed wit my boss.

    Well sir ,

    About my qmail :-

    I have DNS Server for my domain say eg.com and in my forward lookup records [with mx], also other than eg, i have 3 more domains.

    MX mail.eg.com

    So far i dont have any SPF related record.

    I do have proper reverse lookup for my qmail server.

    Now my qmail server hostname is mail.eg.com. [ This handle virtual domains for remaining three.]

    Pls suggest the below setting what i have Is it correct ? & good or shld i fine tune.... ???

    cat tcp.smtp
    <my-mail server-ip>:allow,RELAYCLIENT=""

    Then read abt the link you sent me .,, could get to know little.

    Can you pls help me What steps need to done in qmail server to increase performance ?

    And steps to do in DNS server for SPF [TXT record] ?

    Shld i configure SPF in qmail server ?

    Pls guide me

    Thanks for your time

    Best Regards

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