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    I need sendmail help...


    I have an asterisk VoIP system that has been running pretty well. Recently it stopped sending voicemails as emails (which may have to do with the fact that I had to change a few things due to changes in the Windows network and DNS), and I have been trying to get this working again. I have tried a number of tweaks of the sendmail.mc file and nothing seems to work. At this point, I think I would go back to the start and work from there again, but I have changed a number of iles (including asterisk files), and I don't really know which ones they were. So, my questions:

    Is there a way to list all files that were changed in the last, say 7 days? I am only interested in a few .conf files.

    Second (and more importantly), is there a way to get back to a "generic" sendmail.mc file? Or where can I find one so that I can compare it with what I have here to weed out the stuff that I changed?

    The last option, I think, would be to start with a generic version of the sendmail.mc file and then go from there, but where would I find that file?

    The real issue that I have seems to be that sendmail sends the email from root@host.mydoman.com, which the smtp servers don't accept (as I don't have an MX record for "host.mydomain.com", and I would have to change that to "user@mydomain.com". Unfortunately, I can't get masquerading to work whatever I try...
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    You didn't mention your OS, assuming some *nix flavor you should be able to use find to locate files within a certain modification date range. google should turn up the specifics of using find for this purpose.

    As far as sendmail, I don't use it but I'd think the sendmail website will have a copy of the distributed configuration file, or a download from which you can extract an unmodified version. You should make sure anything you download matches your instsalled version.
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