I have been running a mail service on a Windows 2003 server which figures as domain controler for a home network. It worked. As mail client I used Live mail and a portal site used it to send administrative messages.

It all worked fine until I discovered unusual traffic on the server and came to the conclusion that my SMTP server must have been hijacked to relay what was probably spam. Research through blogs and knowledge articles led me to the conclusion that I would have to change authentication method to Active Directory Integrated.

I setup a new virtual SMTP server and reconfigured POP3 for AD authentication. I created the mailboxes with winpop and had to experiment a little to find a working configuration. POP3 now works, but I am in problem with the SMTP configuration.

I would hope my server would relay mail from and to my email accounts without the spam. But I can't get it to work. Now, nothing is relayed. No mail in from the outside and no mail out from my own domain.

If my domain is mydomain.local and the server is server1.mydomain.local - yet the hosted network is hisdomain.com - how do I set this up.

In pop3 properties I have marked to create AD accounts when creating new accounts. The accounts are there. But I can't see them in my Active Directory console. I guess, I may have something to do in LDAP routing but I don't understand it that well. Help files require too much prior knowledge.

Can someone help me out in layman's terms?