I am trying to compile the imap-2006c1 extracted from
imap-2006c1-1.virtual.src.rpm, but on its compilation I get the
following message when I try to login through Squirrelmail:

"The IMAP server is reporting that plain text logins are disabled. Using
CRAM-MD5 or DIGEST-MD5 authentication instead may work. Also, the use of
TLS may allow SquirrelMail to login. Please contact your system
administrator and report this error."

The rpm generated imap work's fine for me, but I want to compile it at
my end in order to remove certain file dependencies.

I have linuxconf sendmail virtual domains for which I require vimap.

Please guide me what options I should use to make it work.

Can we extract the exact compilation command
used in rpm "imap-2006c1-1.virtual.src.rpm", is there any way to do so?