I am facing a problem with Outlook 98. I am running Exchange server 5.5.
I had a requirement for shared Calendar where all the users will input there programs and events.
I made a Folder in Public folder say called “events”.
Now I made a form with Custom fields in description field and published the template (.oft) on that particular Folder. This I deed for exporting my custom fields to make my monthly event report. The description field I delimited with two delimiters one is semicolon and one is # .

Then the users started inputting their events onto that shared calendar.
After a month when I was exporting the calendar I wondered that no data has been exported to the Excel file.

After a little investigation I found that all the calendar appointment entry is showing as POST entry.

Then we started more investigation and found that if I publish some form onto some folder and do entry all that becomes POST entry and can not be exported.

Can anybody help me out regarding this?