Hey guys, looking for some help with very basic qmail.

I spoke to my host and they said that I can use qmail by placing a .qmail file in my base directory (which i'm assumming is www). In this file I had the line:


'dubyajoe' being my username. And test.php being a PHP script that just sends me an e-mail (not related to the actual message I received, at the moment i'm just trying to gain a response, to say that the script has been activated by qmail).

I also have the forwarding account which is pipe@dubyajoe.com as local name and dubyajoe@domo.phpwebhosting.com as the forward-to address. (domo.phpwebhosting.com is my server without domain name).

I have sent the e-mail to pipe@dubyajoe.com, and as far as I know, that should activate the .qmail file, which in turn should activate test.php, which should then send an e-mail to me. (P.S. the php script is fine, that works on it's own.)

Any help out there?