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    Content filtering solution?


    we have some outside company do our email hosing.
    its a dismal service... but management feels its safer (D.R. and cost considerations)
    issues: we get lots of virus emails with zip files etc
    action: used the online contend filtering the host provide to filter out zip com exe bat html html extensions.
    problem: clients dont like it. they need to send us zip and html files (they refuse to rename the extensions prior to sending or change their sending habits).
    question: can you recommend some solution i can use to go around the content filtering and yet still filter out malicious emails?

    someone recommended to install an in house exchange and copy all the Suspicious emails into that server and let users access to that mail box, but i feel there should be some software to control that since having dozens of users go fishing for their emails might get messy.

    any help will be appreciated!
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    Sounds like you have one helluva crappy email host. Anybody that does "virus filtering" by just blocking items based on file extension is woefully ignorant. Hosting things in house and doing spam filtering well is actually a difficult task unless you have a ton of experience in the field (still not easy even then...).

    Have you checked out Google Apps for Domains? It's simple, straightforward, free for up to 50 users and gives you all the benefits of google. I haven't used a windows machine in any extent in many years, but I think you can configure outlook to use IMAP instead of an exchange server for the mail store. Beyond that, I'm sure there are better exchange hosts out there. Shop around.
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    We use McAfee SaaS Email Protection service and so do our clients. You can fine tune what you allow through. The false catch rate is very low. We had a couple of clients sending technical documents (blueprints) that were triggering some filters but it was easy to fix.

    You can apply various filters for language, phishing, content type, etc. It is very flexible.

    Costs vary depending on the options you select and number of users.

    A great feature of it is the email continuity service. If your email server is down, they will spool your email. You can login via the web, see and reply to these emails. On MS Exchange it will sync everything (received and sent). On Linux systems it will then spool down everything you have received.

    Spamstopshere is another remotely hosted filtering service a few of our clients use.

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