I have a question that I'm not able to find anywhere. To sum up, I'm trying to upgrade a cyrus imap server from 2.2.12 to 2.4.12/13. Right know I'm looking for a good guide to do it, as my actual version it's an old release, I guess it will not just be upgrade the version or install the new one and import the configuration, am i wrong? I guess I should migrate also the database information. I'm not really sure how to do that. Any one can help?

On the other hand, our main and unique cyrus server is managing more than 10000 users and their corresponding mailboxes. With the new migration we want to split this main server into smaller servers to split the mailboxes by client. But I'm not sure how I can export just a few mailboxes from cyrus 2.2.12, I mean, do a selective export to split the information.

I found "Mailsync" tools, but it does not look like it can be selective with mailbox. Can anyone help me or give some clue?

Please excuse if I'm making language mistakes! I hope I express myself correctly.

Thanks & Regards.