I wonder if someone can help me regarding email. I'm a small business who currently uses Outlook Express (ancient version) which has done me ok for many years but moving forward I need something better (I think unless I can do the thing below).

I send all customers a Shipping Confirmation Email on dispatch which is then copied into a folder in Outlook Express. A few weeks later I manually email these people to ask for a product review offering a voucher.

At the moment I:
1) open the email copy
2) forward the email
3) change the from address, change the subject line
4) enter some standard text into the email (above the original content which is basically the order details / product info)
5) change the person's name
6) add the person's email address
7) send the email

What I want to do is automate the process as I'm getting RSI when doing this manually - as the business grows it will become unmanageable.

So, question is. Is it possible to automate this process using Outlook Express.

Or, is there a better alternative Email program which will do this.

Or, would I be best using some sort of database type scenario?

Any help would be much appreciated.

TIA, Kevin