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    Need help with Server Settings and CDO

    I'm trying to use CDO with VBA to send text messages and seem to have a problem sending texts only when I'm outside my network. My email server is Desknow. There seems to be some authentication that Desknow requires when there is an outside connection that CDO is not giving it. I do have the authentication set within CDO using name and password. I also have Desknow set to relay when the connections are within the network which I guess it works when connected.

    I've listed the debug log for three attempts to send a text. The first is outside and failed (this was tethering the iphone for internet), second is inside the network and succeeded, both with CDO. I then sent a text using the iphone email app which uses the same ip and that succeeded. In the log I see substantially more negotiation for authentication in the iphone attempt than I see for the CDO connection.

    There probably is an easy solution for this but I'm just not experienced enough to find it.

    From outside network using CDO:
    [2013-10-02 16:36:20.586][SMTPIn-13]Connection from (
    [2013-10-02 16:36:20.586][SMTPIn-13]>>> 220 ibs-interbev.com SMTP Server (DeskNow) ready Wed, 2 Oct 2013 16:36:20 -0400 (EDT)
    [2013-10-02 16:36:20.742][SMTPIn-13]<<< HELO JohnPC
    [2013-10-02 16:36:20.742][SMTPIn-13]>>> 250 ibs-interbev.com Hello JohnPC ( [])
    [2013-10-02 16:36:20.867][SMTPIn-13]<<< MAIL FROM: <j.wells@ibs-interbev.com>
    [2013-10-02 16:36:20.867][SMTPIn-13]Checking DNSBL antispam services for immediate reject...
    [2013-10-02 16:36:21.117][SMTPIn-13]DNSBL check returned: null
    [2013-10-02 16:36:21.117][SMTPIn-13]>>> 250 Sender <j.wells@ibs-interbev.com> OK
    [2013-10-02 16:36:21.382][SMTPIn-13]<<< RCPT TO: <4075094656@txt.att.net>
    [2013-10-02 16:36:21.382][SMTPIn-13]>>> 551 Relay denied
    [2013-10-02 16:36:25.126][SMTPIn-13]<<< QUIT
    [2013-10-02 16:36:25.126][SMTPIn-13]>>> 221 ibs-interbev.com Service closing transmission channel

    From inside network using CDO
    [2013-10-02 16:42:41.507][SMTPIn-0]Connection from (
    [2013-10-02 16:42:41.507][SMTPIn-0]>>> 220 ibs-interbev.com SMTP Server (DeskNow) ready Wed, 2 Oct 2013 16:42:41 -0400 (EDT)
    [2013-10-02 16:42:41.507][SMTPIn-0]<<< HELO JohnPC
    [2013-10-02 16:42:41.507][SMTPIn-0]>>> 250 ibs-interbev.com Hello JohnPC ( [])
    [2013-10-02 16:42:41.507][SMTPIn-0]<<< MAIL FROM: <j.wells@ibs-interbev.com>
    [2013-10-02 16:42:41.507][SMTPIn-0]>>> 250 Sender <j.wells@ibs-interbev.com> OK
    [2013-10-02 16:42:41.523][SMTPIn-0]<<< RCPT TO: <4075094656@txt.att.net>
    [2013-10-02 16:42:41.523][SMTPIn-0]>>> 250 Recipient <4075094656@txt.att.net> OK
    [2013-10-02 16:42:41.523][SMTPIn-0]<<< DATA
    [2013-10-02 16:42:41.523][SMTPIn-0]>>> 354 Ok Send data ending with <CRLF>.<CRLF>
    [2013-10-02 16:42:41.726][SMTPIn-0]<<< (Received 1246 bytes)
    [2013-10-02 16:42:41.726][SMTPIn-0]>>> 250 Message received
    [2013-10-02 16:42:41.726][SMTPIn-0]<<< QUIT
    [2013-10-02 16:42:41.726][SMTPIn-0]>>> 221 ibs-interbev.com Service closing transmission channel

    From outside network using iphone email app:
    [2013-10-02 16:52:30.360][SMTPIn-6]Connection from (
    [2013-10-02 16:52:30.376][SMTPIn-6]>>> 220 ibs-interbev.com SMTP Server (DeskNow) ready Wed, 2 Oct 2013 16:52:30 -0400 (EDT)
    [2013-10-02 16:52:30.844][SMTPIn-6]<<< EHLO []
    [2013-10-02 16:52:30.844][SMTPIn-6]>>> 250-ibs-interbev.com Hello [] ( [])
    [2013-10-02 16:52:30.844][SMTPIn-6]>>> 250-AUTH LOGIN PLAIN
    [2013-10-02 16:52:30.844][SMTPIn-6]>>> 250-SIZE 0
    [2013-10-02 16:52:30.844][SMTPIn-6]>>> 250 STARTTLS
    [2013-10-02 16:52:31.983][SMTPIn-6]<<< AUTH PLAIN AGoud2VsbHMAaGFpbGV5MTIxNg==
    [2013-10-02 16:52:31.983][SMTPIn-6]>>> 235 Authentication Successful
    [2013-10-02 16:52:31.983][SMTPIn-6]AUTH method PLAIN succeeded for user j.wells
    [2013-10-02 16:52:32.950][SMTPIn-6]<<< MAIL FROM:<j.wells@ibs-interbev.com>
    [2013-10-02 16:52:32.950][SMTPIn-6]>>> 250 Sender <j.wells@ibs-interbev.com> OK
    [2013-10-02 16:52:33.059][SMTPIn-6]<<< RCPT TO:<4075094656@txt.att.net>
    [2013-10-02 16:52:33.075][SMTPIn-6]>>> 250 Recipient <4075094656@txt.att.net> OK
    [2013-10-02 16:52:33.168][SMTPIn-6]<<< DATA
    [2013-10-02 16:52:33.168][SMTPIn-6]>>> 354 Ok Send data ending with <CRLF>.<CRLF>
    [2013-10-02 16:52:33.340][SMTPIn-6]<<< (Received 732 bytes)
    [2013-10-02 16:52:33.340][SMTPIn-6]>>> 250 Message received
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    When sending email from an unauthorized IP address, you must login with a User address and password. Your server obviously supports plain authentication as evidenced by the AUTH PLAIN AGou....... line. I am not sure what CDO is, but your email client must also support PLain Authentication when connecting from an unauthorized IP address.

    I built my own Email Client program which supports Plain Authentication:

    By the way, if that AUTH PLAIN line is unaltered, I strongly suggest that you change your password immediately, as it can easily be decoded providing both the email address and password.

    J.A. Coutts
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    Thanks I changed my password.

    CDO is collaboration data object. It's used to access email functionality for application development. I'm not that familiar with it and assumed I had some parameters set wrong. Which I discovered and now it's working properly.

    Thanks for your help.

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