I am older, have a problem learning to use programs, lol. My son purchased the group mail system for my 65th birthday October. I dont' even begin to understand the setup instructions, lol, and he is unavailable in another country now.

Does anyone wish to take pity on a dummy? If we worked together in MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, or omg Aol IM, I am certain you could teach me...I just need walking through the one time.

I can send mail now, I forget how lol, but it shows my AOl screen name and IP. I DO NOT WANT THIS! But, I can not send the batch mail, dont understand the DNS and STTP setup, etc.

Please send me a private message if you wish to give me your time one day soon. We can make it fit your schedule, I am at your mercy you see, lol!

Thank you in advance. ID: Determinator