FOR neXtSoft is providing API access our ever growing database of users. Looking4You uses our own L4YSystems API. This api is a powerful and easy to use tool that will allow developers for any platform to quickly create and application and deploy it. The L4YSystems API gives developers access to our dating database for their own dating and social networking applications.

L4YSystem developers who refer members to the service earn a commission when those members subscribe to the service. The commission is recurring for as long as the member is a subscriber.

Why use this API? Developing a dating website or application of your own is time consuming and requires a great deal of scripting and application development. We take out all the concerns over Servers, bandwidth, monthly fees, scripting, and most importantly, we provide an existing user base. You don't have to build your user base from scratch but instead get to benefit from our efforts.

Currently the L4YSystems API is in beta and all work done on it will be based on developer feedback.