Hello guys,
I am an individual with some programming skills and an idea called AWAZ(sound) Itís basically going to be a mobile application which would allow people from around the world to enjoy music together, in real time. There could be one to one music sessions between two people or group sessions, where people in the group could make a joint playlist and listen to it together. I know there are similar apps but they arenít developed that well and havenít been that successful.
This idea if developed properly and could prove to be very successful. Imagine an app which allows you to enjoy music with your loved ones on your smartphones, regardless of where they are in the world. Itís an idea with countless possibilities.
So why am I posting about it here? Well Iíd like to recruit a team of individuals(We already have two people) who are interested in this idea. Itís going to be based on a profit/loss sharing system. Every member of the team will get an equal share in the profit. People from any part of the world can join this team (Weíll be working from home).
Iíll be needing people who can develop IOS and/or Android apps, people who can design the app and people who can make the server side of the application.
Trust me when I say this, this application if developed properly could compete with one of the top applications in the market. Itís an opportunity guys, avail it with me.
If youíre interested contact me on my email hassanabbasi221 @ gmail.com
Thank you.