Per Gartner Group, “by 2004, companies will have to support a minimum of 50 different mobile device profiles and 10 different wireless network interfaces at once…”

Different web-enabled wireless devices have different input, output, hardware, software, gateway, network, and browser capabilities. In order for a web server or web-based application to provide optimized content to these devices, it must know their capabilities. Recently two new compatible standards have been created for describing the capabilities: Composite Capabilities / Preferences Profile (CC/PP) created by the W3C and User Agent Profile (UAProf) created by the WAP Forum.

Arkdom PLUS Entry Edition is a free, fully-functional product developed by Web Commerce Group ( that provides the capability information of the requesting agent when you pass HTTP requests via Java based APIs from within your program.

To download the free Arkdom PLUS Entry Edition and the Design Guide, go to:

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