Doing on device debugging on the Satio phone may be a powerful way to track down faults in your applications. Here is how you can go about it

1. Build and sign the application to debug. Use Build for phone debug.

2. Load the application to the phone and verify that it starts properly.

3. Close the application on the phone.

4. Pair the Satio device with the PC over Bluetooth.

5. Start the TRK software on the phone. (On ODS phones it is started using Menu -> Organizer -> My apps -> TRK)
The TRJ software is an application that handles the debug communication to and from the PC.

6. Create a debug configuration in Carbide for the concerned project.

7. Make sure that it uses the Bluetooth connection is set in the debug configuration. NOTE: If more then one BT COM port is enabled, use the one indicated by TRK. (Example: If TRK on phone says port 1, use the COM on the PC with the lowest port number)

8. Make sure no files are transferred in the transfer tab in the carbide configuration.

9. Start debugging and set breakpoint. The application should now start.

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