Been learning flash builder mobile application development lately and have run into a little snag that is bothering me tremendously.

I have created a tabbed view navigator application. This application requires user authentication so if they have never logged in a login view is pushed to the screen upon starting the app. The problem is that I dont want this view to be part of any of the tabs and should appear on its own. What I have now is when the app opens and the user isn't logged in it pushes that view onto the stack. And in the login view I have a creation complete handler that should set the tabBar to false but it does not do it on the first load, it only sets the tabBar to invisible when I click a button from within the login view and then go back.

This seems like it should be something very simple but I just cant quite figure out the proper way to do it.

In short. If the user is not logged in I want a sort of splashview that makes the user login before they can use the app. sort of how facebook, twitter, yahoo fantasy football, and may other apps that require user authentication does it.