I've looked around Google and some documentation, but I wasn't able to find a strait answer. I am not necessarily looking for a "how" to do this, but a "how difficult/possible" it would be to do this.

I am in need of an native app (both iOS and Android) with a native interface that (occasionally) draws JSONp data from a RESTful server. That's easy. However, this will be a reader of sorts, so I need the primary content area to be an embedded HTML5, CSS3, Javascript from local sources. I also need to be able to make a few modifications to the layout engine so that I can add a little extra markup.

I am fluent in C++ and have looked through the Gecko Engine and Chromium. I feel I could modify these to suit my needs, but could I embed them into an app?

Sorry, I am rather new to app development.

Thank you for any help.