In case you haven't heard, at Mobile World Congress, Sony Ericsson introduced a new online collaboration platform called Creations , during Sunday’s press conference. It was aimed at empowering users to make ever changing content for the mobile screen, as a step forward from the static content users currently create online.

Sony Ericsson are planning today to reach out to the developer community, who the company believes can play a crucial role in the evolution of the platform. Following the launch of Creations, the company are holding Creation Day, which takes place in App Planet, Hall 7 at MWC today, where they'll be debuting the Creations platform.

Together with a team of content creators, artists, application developers and local creative people, their idea is to show the power of Co-Creation and how mobile content, like pictures, videos and sounds will be created and shared in the future. Apparently they have invited partner developers to come along and show how they see the future and demonstrate how their applications can involve several different parties and create something completely new.

These videos can be found online:

• "The power of Co-Creation"

• Official Developer demo of Sony Ericsson X10 mini and X10 mini pro