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    Exclamation Please read before you post


    1) Try to spell things the way they should be spelt. That is spelt "that" not "dat". The is spelt "the" not "da" and so on. Internet forums are not instant messages. Anything other than a well written post show laziness on the authors part. If you're too lazy to write a post in a legible way I and others might be too lazy to bother answering.

    2) Don't ask questions like "Can I do *** with ***" and then give no further information. If you do don't be offended by a short and sharp answer like RTFM or STFW

    3) Search the forums. Most questions have already been answered. Search the manual. All questions have been answered. Search the internet. There will be all the info you need and more if you care to look for it. In short SEARCH.

    4) Don't post a message here and then post it elsewhere in the forums. This is just cluttering things up. Chances are cross posts will be deleted so your efforts would be futile. Your post count will not go up if posts are deleted.

    5) Before you post ask yourself if you've done all the research possible to find an answer. If you have done your research show us you have made an effort and tell us where you are stuck. This makes it easier for people to help problem solve your code with you.

    6) Don't post then ask for help on your email. If you start a thread here the thread should be finished here. Anything done through your email is against the grain of the forums and defeats the point of them being in existence. Keep it open and more people than you will benefit.

    7) Show a willingness to learn and show your code. This will encourage other posters to respond and will let others in the future with the same problem see that they are not alone in the situation, it might also help them find a solution. A post is for lfe, not just for you and not just for today.

    8) Try to provide as much infomation as you can about the problem you have. This will make it easier for others to help you.

    9) Don't ask if someone can write your code for you or expect someone to paste something they may have spent hours writing for you. A lot of people who code for a living are proud of the work they have done. Why should they give it away when they had to learn the hard way and code each line by hand?

    10) Tell us what language you are using to write your apps. To say that your database connection isn't working in your decks doesn't give anyone who could potentially help you a thorough idea of your problem, if it's MySQL or Access say so, it doesn't just make it easier for people to help you it makes the forums more valuable when people search.

    11) Don't send people private messages with questions that are better off asked in the forum. Keep it open where more people can contribute and help you. People seem to be private messaging me more and more, I will not help if you PM me a question and do not post it in the forum.

    12) Think before you post. It's like crossing a road. Look twice in each direction before you walk. You might realise that you don't need to post if you do. Try to debug your code first. Internet forums are not about thousands of people helping each other they're about thousands of people helping people help themselves.

    13) Contribute, don't just take. Try to bring something to the table even if you are only here for a free meal....

    14) Understand that what might be the biggest problem in the world to you may mean nothing to others. Don't bump posts or get snappy with people if they don't reply in what you might think of as a suitable timeframe.

    15) Be polite. Please use your manners. There is a distinct lack of courtesy on the net. If you would like some help it's only six characters to write PLEASE and nine characters to write THANK YOU. If you're that afraid of repetitive strain injury throw your keyboard away and never use a computer again.

    16) Preview your posts to make sure they look okay. Proof read them too.

    17) Don't delete your post once you have the answer you're looking for. If you find the answer before someone posts a reply why not post a follow up which might help others with the same problem.

    18) Don't upload a zip of scripts and say "it's not working" it will most likely be ignored. If you went to the doctors and said you felt ill would he not ask you what the symptons were before he could prescribe a remedy? Explain the symptons and help people diagnose the problem, doing so will make it easier for people to help.

    This isn't for me, it's for the benefit of all who come here to make it a more viable and user friendly community. Not just now but in the future. Remember todays post is tomorrows cache.

    If you have any points to add please do so. It's a community for all so contributions from everyone are welcomed.

    Oh, did I forget to say SEARCH? It makes me wonder how Google could IPO when sometimes I'm convinced that nobody uses it!


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