Occasionally developers may bump in to problems installing applications on the Satio device. It displays rather cryptic error messages like: "Cannot install application .." with no clear error code, or some other error codes.

In that case it may be the DRM clock that shows wrong time, or is not set at all from the start. Then the DRM time needs to be set accurately.

Depending slightly on which customizations that is loaded on the device there are two ways two set the system clock - try one and if that fails, try the other.

It is only Step 1 that differs.

Set DRM clock, version 1

1. Start DRM Encryptor.
Main Menu -> My Apps -> DRM Encryptor

2. From this application, choose button Options -> DRMClock time

3. This should then show the Date and Time. IF the DRM Clock time is incorrect and does not show the current date, then goto step 4. Otherwise - goto step 8.

4. Button Options -> Set DRMClock time

5. Enter correct date and time.6

6. A message saying DRM ClockTime is then displayed

7. It should then be possible to install the SIS file properly

8. Finished

To know more visit http://bit.ly/gT2Ra