I am in real trouble and would be VERY grateful to anyone that can help me.

I am currently designing a WAP site that accesses real time data from a remote database and deliver it to the user. The company i work for won't let me say what data, but the basic premise is for the user to be able to access this data through their mobile device.

The data is held on a database stored on an invisible remote server, and the company that owns it link to the database to provide websites with a white label to search it. (i.e. the customer can search through the database for prices, while inside someone else web site).

I have developed the wml to access a local database (an MS Access database) and this works fine. This is as far as I can go with the testing.

My problem now is that I don't know how to link to the remote database. Do I try to convert the html to wml and if so - how? Do I try to link to the database directly and if so how? Should I use a server side script like JSP?

Sorry that this is such a wordy question, but i'm really stuck and i don't have any ideas.

Please please help