I have an app that draws different icons (for atms, branches and my current position).

When i click in an ATM ia have the possibility to show the route between my current position and the ATM i clicked.

I have a method and an event to do that:

private void CalculateRouteFromNavigation(List<double> route) { List<GeoCoordinate> coord = new List<GeoCoordinate>(); coord.Add(new GeoCoordinate(route[0], route[1])); coord.Add(new GeoCoordinate(vm.CurrentLatitude, vm.CurrentLongitude)); MyRouteQuery = new RouteQuery(); MyRouteQuery.TravelMode = _travelMode; MyRouteQuery.Waypoints = coord; MyRouteQuery.QueryCompleted += RouteQuery_QueryCompleted; MyRouteQuery.QueryAsync(); } 
private void RouteQuery_QueryCompleted(object sender, QueryCompletedEventArgs<Route> e) { query = sender as RouteQuery; if (e.Error == null) { if (MyMapRoute != null) MyMap.RemoveRoute(MyMapRoute); MyRoute = e.Result; MyMapRoute = new MapRoute(MyRoute); MyMap.AddRoute(MyMapRoute);
if (query != null && query.Waypoints.Count() > 0) { SetZoomLevel(query.Waypoints.ToList()[0], query.Waypoints.ToList()[1]); } } }
Now, what i want is, somehow, add a click or tap event on that Route, so when user clicks in any part of the route i display a message in the name of ATM and an option to clear the route.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance