I developed a traceroute and ping program that generates it's input form and results in WML format. It appears to work for most users fine (although I haven't received as much feedback as I would like.

However, if it worked like a charm, I wouldn't post here.

One user that tries to use it has been unsuccessful. He gets the generated form, but his submit fails (I don't even see it on the server side). I want to jump to the conclusion that it's the gateway, BUT I'm not experienced enough with WAP to know yet. Here is the test that I have gone through:

Reviewed working attempts vs. his.
Environmental difference indicate that he always make his requests as a post (even the initial form generation). The phone browser is Up.Browser/3.x (versus version 4.x).

Had him pull up a "test" form. Had him pass a query statement via blahblah.com?a=1&b=2 (and variations). It appears that his browser (or gateway) does support postfields since neither post or get statements appear to work when passing postfields.

Has anybody run into this before? Was there a massive bug in the 3.x versions of Up.Browser ?