Hi Everyone,

My company is working in a device management platform focus only in client provisioning.
We will need to create device profiles to several manufacturers and models available in the market, not only for future releases but also for legacy devices.

Since that many manufacturers and even models have their own exceptions in their provisioning protocol implementation it may very difficult to create profiles based only in the protocol specification, for instance, not all devices supports all the fields from the OMA-CP protocol. Thus, my first question is:
- Is there any way (repository or other source) to know what provisioning protocol each device supports and also what are the supported fields and exceptions to the protocol implementation? An alternative way (not so good) could be to talk directly with the device manufacturers, does anyone know if they have and could provide that kind of information?

My second question is if somebody could help me to get more information about the following provisioning protocols:
- Openwave Primary Provisioning Protocol v4.1
- Nokia Ericssion OTA Protocol v7.0
- Sony Ericsson Smart Messaging Protocol v3.0

Thanks in advance, I will really appreciate your help.

Best regards,
Luis Guilherme