hello everyone,

Finally getting into the world of mobile, probably over due, I am making some of my sites mobile friendly and was wondering on this snare i got myself in.

Lets say I got a a domain lets call it zoddy.com and I want all my mobile traffic to hit a landing page, lets say to mobile.zoddy.com

I see how to do that via htaccess or php, using htaccess right now, not sure if one is better then the other.

so the question is this, they link to mobile.zoddy.com which is my landing page but i also want to put a link back to my original site zoddy.com but if one does this you are chucked into a forever loop cause everytime u go to zoddy link u just redirect to mobile.

I hear there is a way to fix that up and well, it is obvious i want to know!

Hope I made myself clear and also hello to all, my first post here