Hi folks...I appreciate your patience with me on this one.

I've used devshed for PHP quite a bit, although it's been some years. However, my question now is concerning handheld sites.

I had a colleague tell me today that it's possible for websites to access the gps information of handheld devices. I have a blackberry and never once have I been prompted by a site or my device to allow gps access.

He has an Iphone and says that he has been asked before and is pushing for us to put together a handheld wml/wap site that pulls this gps info from the user's devices. As far as markup goes, i just don't see how you could get to that information...

Can someone point me in the right direction? Searching this formum did not yield any results for 'GPS'. I know that ofcourse with specific apps for devices you can get to this information but if there is a way through the markup, I'd be highly suprised.