can someone explain me differences between Appcoding and web based application(html5/jquery/javascript/ajax/php) for an Ipod as audioguide?

Visitors can get at the reception of the museum an ipod to get (video and audio) information about objects and rooms in the exhibition.so We need an audioguide (ipod touch) for a small old house - as exhibition guide.

So i dont get really get the pro and Cons between an Appcoding or a web based application - maybe someone can help?

for web based application you can use an Kioskap and a plastic case to get rid off the Home button.

-easy coding
-dynamically content, you can easily change video and audio content by dropping new files
-even other smartphones can get infos via url

- maybe slow

are there more things to know ?
and one big question - is it possible to play html files local from ipod - so that the webbased appilcation dont need WLAN or Internet.