1. Lead a large team of game and server developers to produce innovative games
2. Direct the technology and management of multiple concurrent game projects. Guarantee the quality of our technology will be competitive in the market.
3. Direct the technical evaluation and major technical decisions of projects. (such as: engine choices, production pipeline, breakthrough technical solutions)
4. Regularly review the progress and technical solutions of programmer teams, and provide fair estimations of risks and resource requirements
5. Audit and give suggestions on optimizing the programmer team organization and resources to ensure project objectives are realized.
6. Ensure the technology among projects are consistent and up to date. Manage the technology sharing among projects.
7. Participate in developer recruitment to evaluate candidate's technical expertise, the identification of needs, reviewing resumes, performing candidate interviews and tests.
8. Responsible for the programming team's career and skills development.
9. Act as a mentor, identify and encourage the development potential with each individual..
10. Organize technical training when necessary.
11. Evaluate the technical competency of programmers during appraisals.


1. At least 7 years software development experience.
2. At least 2 years game production experience at the management level with at least 2 product shipped.
3. Excellent knowledge of the game industry and development landscape.
4. Excellent knowledge of mobile game technology.
5. Strong all-around programming skills, good understanding of interactive entertainment methodologies and production pipeline.
6. Must have experience working effectively at the technical and management level.
7. Good organizational, leadership and communication skills.
8. Fluent in both English and Chinese.

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