Since stats reveal more and more people are arriving on our main website using mobile devices, we wanted a simple, mobile-friendly page to convey a concise summary of our offer and our contact information to mobile users.

We created a mini-site with the information we wanted, then tested the mobile site using various online apps, as well as with our our own phones, etc. - and confirmed that it displays okay on all devices.

If a person searches Google on their mobile device for keywords relative to our business and geo location, and clicks on our website in the search results, then sees and clicks on our Mobile Website link, Google changes the site so that it doesn't display correctly.

If a mobile user goes directly to our mobile site, it displays just fine. However, a potential new customer isn't going to know about the mobile URL without direction. And even with a direct link, Google still alters the site's design.

Does anyone know how to address this seemingly important aspect of mobile site development? What can be done to fix the problem of Google interfering with how a mobile site displays?

Our simple mobile site was built using standard HTML, yet it displays good enough on a variety of mobile devices. We placed a link to it on the top right of the main website.

Main site: (unable to post URL c/o forum rules)
Mobile site: (unable to post URL c/o forum rules)