Good day, here's hoping I am posting this to the correct location.

For a conference that I host, Sep 27-30, I have created an app which is 95% ready to go. I used a development platform called 302 Found for that, which is kind of like using a WordPress page builder plug-in to create HTML: I'm shielded from most of the vagaries.

I'm stumped on one particular capability that I want to bring to the app: photo-sharing. I want the following for anyone with the app:

1. To be able to take a photo or choose a photo from their phone's gallery and upload it to a server.

2. To be able to view all of the photos on that server. Not just the ones that they have uploaded themselves; every photo.

3. To be able to download any photo.

I don't want any registration, no installing, no nothing. On the Photos page of my app, I want people to see buttons for Upload and View and be able to accomplish any of these things really easily.

The AppMachine platform supports the integration of webservice feeds, which is how I think these capabilities would be integrated. I lack the perspective or the experience to be able to see how this solution would present itself. If I need to hire, I will. If I need to purchase a service, I will. I would be grateful for any advice that anyone could give.