I'm looking into cordova and I'm working on a mac

Not sure whitch one is better between cordova and phone gap, but as far as i understood phone gap is an extended version of cordova

is the total process free with phone gap?

I set up Xcode, Android SDK and build my for first package and run under iOS emulator and Android emulator

the problem i get is that i don't really understand what is the best way to edit the main index.html and see changes

if i open it in browser the cordova.js is missing since his

<script type="text/javascript" src="cordova.js"></script>
but is not inside the www folder, i guess it is loaded correctly once it get packed for each platform

how can i edit my file and see changes?

$ cordova serve

it seems i need to stop and run the command again after i edit my files

maybe phone gap is a better choice?