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    Question No beep, no POST, no video... take two?

    Hi there, I'm in the process of building my first desktop.

    Last night after making sure everything was in place, I powered up for the first time. No beep, no POST, no video.

    I found this forum while trying to troubleshoot (I googled and found the following thread on this forum titled "No beep, no POST, no video, all lights on" )

    - When I power on, all LEDs (on the mobo, on the chasis, optical drives, HDD) are on.
    - All fans are running (PSU, CPU, chassis, even the fan on the video card)

    The monitor is not receiving a signal, and I'm not receiving any beeps.

    Steps I have taken:

    1) Tested the monitor: It's working fine.
    2) Confirmed the 24-pin and 4-pin power connectors are properly connected
    3) reset CMOS
    4) Have disconnected optical and hard drives; only PSU, RAM, and video card are hooked up.
    5) Have traded in 4 different brand new sticks of RAM into the first slot, one at a time. I have no way of testing them in a different computer, but they're all new and I doubt that all four are defective.
    6) I have reseated the RAM and video card several times.
    7) Once I accidentally reseated the video card without reconnecting it to the PSU; the card emits a long, continuous beeps. Leads me to believe the card is okay?
    8) I've made sure the little speaker that came with the case is connected to the mobo.
    9) Took the mobo out of the case and set it on cardboard to ensure it's not shorting against the chassis. No luck.
    10) Reseated the CPU and its heatsink; no pins were bent
    11) If I hold down the power button on the chassis for 5 seconds, it will power back down.
    12) The mobo is new and looks to be in good condition.

    Have not yet done:
    1) Tested the PSU. I don't have a multimeter or whatever, but it's brand new.
    2) Tested the video card or RAM in a different computer--mostly because I can't.
    3) Maybe the speaker is broken so I'm not hearing any beep codes...? Doesn't change the fact I'm not receiving video and no BIOS...

    I'm fairly frustrated. Is there anything else I should try or test that I haven't?

    Can I assume that the PSU, RAM and video card are okay? Should I RMA the CPU and see if that does the trick? The mobo?

    I'd really appreciate any insight or advice.

    Thanks ahead of time

    Motherboard: Asus P5Q Pro
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield
    VGA: EVGA 384-P3-N966-TR GeForce 9600
    PSU: Rosewill RX850-D-B 850W
    RAM: G.Skill 2GB (2x1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM; OCZ Reaper HPC Edition 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM
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    Does the CPU fan spin up at all? If yes, then you have a bad CPU. If no, then you have a bad motherboard.
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    I had this issue when building my first pc as well.

    1. Make sure the mobo is grounded out, using the brass spacers.

    2. Clear the cmos.
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    Same problem, 2nd motherboard

    I've done everything the original poster has done, plus a few more things. I've built several of the things, but these are the first I've gotten from Geeks.com. I'm afraid I wen to the same place.

    I replaced a BTX motherboard (first mistake)
    This is the board.
    BOXD945GCZL -- Intel D945Gcz Intel 945G Socket 775 mBTX MB w/VID SND LAN.

    I got the compatible CPU, checked and referified at the Intel site.

    All the lights work and fan runs, but got no video. Pulled the battery waited and reinstalled (reset the cmos) I get no video, and I even tried a video card with no luck.

    The original poster never followed up. Any ideas? I even used the step by step they provided. All the screws are in.
    On this board there are two sets of memory slots, blue and black, and have tried every combination with these two memory sticks. I even tried with out the memory and got beeping, so I know the beeper works!
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    Is your Powersupply good enough to run everything?

    Does your onboard video work?

    Did you plug in all the power for the mobo correctly?

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