I have an rather dated FIC AD-11 motherboard running Win2000
and find I have a need for the Wake-on-Lan feature. However,
this motherboard has need of a separate cable connection
between a three pin connector on the motherboard and a
similar one on the network interface card.

My NIC is an Asound ALM02 which supposedly has WOL capability
but does not have a separate connector for a cable. The NIC
does have a Boot ROM socket.

I'm not sure just how the Boot ROM is supposed to work and
whether a WOL 'magic packet' is used to initiate boot but am
willing to try it if I can get some feedback on how this is
suposed to work.

Failing that, can anyone recommend a NIC which is equipped
with the proper cable connector so I can simply use WOL?

Thanks in advance.